It may not be hard to imagine this scenario…

We are sitting at the kitchen table. A yellow highlighter is in her hand. We have 11 out of 12 months of our HSBC statements strewn about in front of us. Some are still blank, others are sparsely coloured yellow. There are receipts about, computers are open, it’s 8:30 pm.

We’ve been at it for four hours.

“What do you mean we’re out of paper?!?”

The paper has run out and the last month’s statement we needed cannot be printed to commence with this preposterous highlighting exercise.

She is highlighting and I’m typing into excel so we can send our financial records to our accountant.

“Are you sure you only used the HSBC card for your business stuff? What about when you travelled to your auditions? What about those shows you went to see?”

“I don’t know J.D.!!! I don’t always pay attention to the card I’m using.”

Nerves are frayed.

There is much work to be done.

It’s three days before Christmas. It’s supposed to be a happy time.

It’s not a happy time.

Here is some background

My wife Caitlyn is an artist. Stage, voice-over, commercials. She is always jumping from job to job, constantly scrambling for the next gig. Being an artist is tough.

I have immense respect for her. I can’t do what she does.

I’m J.D., Founder & CEO of Finmo. Finmo is a tax solution built for sole-traders and people with side income.

We help our Members save time, money and stress when keeping track of their income and expenses and sorting their taxes.

The story above happened a few years back and is one of the main reasons we started Finmo.

The Problem

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Ben Franklin

Doing taxes isn’t fun. Nobody likes it.

Most accountants don’t actually enjoy doing self-assessments for sole-traders. And, it’s harder than it should be.

When Caitlyn and I first spoke to Accountants to get price quotes, we were surprised at how expensive it was to sort our taxes. When we looked into technological solutions, we were again surprised and disappointed. If we had this problem, others do as well.

How we help

Our team specialises in taking complex processes, adding technology and simplifying the painful bits of the process. Taxes for sole-traders is exactly the type of problematic process we like to fix.

Finmo connects to your bank account, tracks your business income and expenses and then connects you to an accountant to file your Self Assessment. Finmo is a tax solution designed for sole-traders.

Like Caitlyn.

Like you.

Finmo is for you. The challenger. The independent. The self-starter.

Save yourself the stress and high costs associated with expensive software and accountants. And, stay away from highlighters.