How-to guide: Reconciliation and notifications

Finmo has the power to do much more than just provide you with a space to look over your taxes. Our technology helps to keep you on track, and our experts are on-hand to make sure you’re never met with any nasty surprises when it comes to your tax bill.

Using our Reconcile feature

Our reconcile feature is there to make sure you stay on top of your taxes – with minimal effort. The feature guides you seamlessly through any outstanding income or expenses that are yet to be tagged, so you don’t need to waste time scrolling through your bank statements.

To use it:

  • Log into the Finmo app
  • Tap the dots icon on the lower navigation bar 
  • Tap Tag (x number of) Transactions 
  • Start tagging transactions effortlessly 
  • Make rules where applicable to speed up the process even more

Activating notifications

Making sure your Finmo notifications are turned on is a great way of staying on top of your taxes. Don’t worry – we won’t pester you. We’ll just remind you when a rule is activated so you can double check it, and keep an eye on your finances with basically zero effort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I set notifications for whenever I want?

Pretty much – you can set up notifications for a particular day and time.

What happens if I use reconcile and tag something incorrectly?

That’s okay – you can go back to that transaction and change your tag. You can do this bygoing to the Transactions screen and searching manually for the transaction in question.

What happens if I make a rule in Reconcile incorrectly?

If you make a mistake with a Rule, then unfortunately, we can’t change it. You can go back to each of the transactions and change the tag manually. Or, if there are many transactions, then you can email us at and we can change them on our end.

Why aren’t I getting notified? 

If you aren’t getting notified as expected, please email us at