Finmo to sponsor New Freelance Writer of the Year award!

We’re thrilled to announce that Finmo is an official sponsor of the Freelance Writing Awards – a brand new and super-exciting media awards ceremony created to champion the best freelance writing talent in the UK. 

Specifically, we’ll be sponsoring the New Freelance Writer of the Year award, which is  designed for anyone (not just graduates) who has been working as a freelance writer since January 2020. 

Here at Finmo, we think it’s crucial that talented freelancers get the recognition they deserve. Because our work involves speaking daily with self-employed professionals, we understand how tricky it can be starting out as a freelancer, when landing clients isn’t always easy without a well-established portfolio to draw on. That’s why we were so keen to get involved with the Freelance Writing Awards when we heard about them. 

Winning an award like this can add an invaluable string to a new freelance writer’s bow – helping them to land clients, and charge more for their services. Perhaps even more valuable than this, is that winning an official award can serve as a serious confidence-boost for both budding and more established writers. 

The team here at Finmo (which happens to include a freelancer writer who’s typing up this very post!) is passionate about helping self-employed professionals feel more empowered. This goal sees us helping a lot of freelance writers tackle their income and expenses in order to gain better control over their finances. So, it’s safe to say these awards fit in perfectly with our overarching mission. We also recognise that there’s a shortage of awards for journalists compared with other media professionals, which makes us even more excited and proud to be involved with this great new initiative. (It looks like we’re not the only ones – we’ve already seen people getting excited about our sponsorship of the award on Twitter!) 

Working as a freelance writer? Get involved!

If you’re a freelance writer and have a piece or pieces of work that you’re proud of – you’re the perfect candidate to enter the Freelance Writing Awards. 

Alongside the Finmo-sponsored New Freelance Writer award, there’s a wide range of categories to choose from, including things like Freelance Commercial Writer, Freelance Food & Drink Writer, and Freelance Lifestyle Writer. Award entries close at midday 8th June 2021.

Head here to view the full list of Freelance Writing Awards categories.


Good luck!

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