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Our expert advisors and licenced accountants optimise and file your tax return online. Our intelligent tax return software means that we do the hard work for you.

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How it works

1. Answer a few questions

Our user-friendly tax return portal makes filing your Self Assessment easy. Unlike with HMRC’s site, our handy prompts, questions and explanations help you pull all the information you need together.

2. Tell us about your income and expenses

Upload your own income and expense spreadsheet, or link your bank account to Finmo to easily tag your income and expense transactions. You’ll get guidance from a dedicated Finmo expert through the entire process.

3. Upload your documents

We’ll tell you when it’s time to upload the documents HMRC requires, like a proof of ID and address. We’ll also tell you what receipts you might need, like for business purchases over £1000. 

4. Let us take care of the rest

One of our licenced accountants will review and optimise your tax return.  Then, with your sign-off, we’ll submit your tax return for you.

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Check out what our customers say

“My tax return was always pretty daunting but Finmo gave me confidence all the way through the process.”

Lucy, Marketing Consultant, London

I was looking for a solution I could pick up and put down whenever needed. Finmo gave me the confidence to track the right expenses without taking up lots of my time.

Randy, Designer, London

“I wanted to find someone who could help fill out my tax return to give me the confidence I needed to concentrate on my business. Finmo solved this problem for me.”

Maria, Beauty Therapist, Manchester

“I always feel assured when I use Finmo. I know how much I should owe in tax at all times and it’s so easy to tag expenses and income to always know where my business stands financially.”

Caitlyn, Actress, London

“Thanks for the quick responses, you’re a million times more helpful than my last accountant already…!”

Cei, Sound Engineer, UK
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Tailored to fit your unique situation

  • Sole traders
  • Multi-job
  • Freelancers
  • PAYE plus side income
  • First time tax filers
  • Investors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Landlords

Why use Finmo?

File with confidence

Our tax return portal simplifies the Self Assessment process. Unlike with HMRC’s site, our handy prompts, questions and explanations help you pull the information you need together. And we’ll handle all the complicated bits for you.

Expert accountants

Don’t worry about getting something wrong or missing a claimable expense. Our advisors and accountants work with you to make sure you catch every expense and aren’t paying more than you need to.

Pricing that suits you

Choose the plan that is right for you and your unique situation. Our plans start at £119 + VAT. Not sure which plan best suits your needs? Take our quick quiz.

Safe and secure

Finmo uses bank level security and is FCA registered. We make sure your data is safe.

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This is my first time filing – which plan do you suggest?

Take our quiz! As a first-timer, taxes can seem overwhelming. You may feel like you have a lot of questions, ranging from the seemingly simple to more complex queries. This is totally normal, which is why we designed our Complete package the way it is. Alongside ongoing support from a Finmo Tax Expert, you’ll also get multiple reviews of your Self Assessment by an accountant. This can be helpful for first-time filers, or people with more complex tax situations (like if you work multiple jobs).

Why would I choose Lite instead of Complete?

If you’ve ever felt like you’re paying your accountant too much for the value they bring to the table, our Lite package could be for you. Typically, people choose this package if this is not their first time filing their taxes. You’ll still get ongoing support from a Finmo Tax Expert, but you’ll just get the one review of your Self Assessment by an accountant. This could be enough for you if your situation isn’t that complex, or you’re more experienced with tax returns in general.

What if I’ve been using a different expense and income tracker?

No worries. If you wanted to import your data without using Finmo’s tracker, we can do that for you. We do this free of charge for those with our Complete package. For those with our Lite package, it’s just an extra one-off fee of  £25 + VAT.

What if I don’t want to use Finmo’s app and just want to send in my expense list?

No problem, we can sort this for you. It’ll be free of charge for those with our Complete package, and for those with our Lite package, we’ll charge a one-off fee of £25 + VAT.