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Join our webinar on the 13th January, 1-2pm, for everything you need to know about filing your HMRC Self Assessment and paying your tax bill as a self-employed professional.

Guide to taxes

What’s included?

  • What to do and questions to ask yourself before you start
  • Top 10 common mistakes and what to watch out for
  • Tips on claiming expenses
  • Q&A with a freelance tax expert to ask any burning questions you may have (about your taxes 😃)
  • Further detail at the bottom of the page
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About the event

Filing your Self Assessment can be daunting. This is why many of us wait until the last minute. HMRC can use confusing lingo and expense rules can be confusing and contradictory. There is a lot to consider to make sure you optimise your taxes. That’s where we come in.

Finmo is hosting a webinar for those that have not completed their taxes… the delayers, the “I’ll sort that out later” people…the procrastinators.

The webinar will discuss:

   Common pitfalls

   Things to look out for

   How best to prepare for when you come to do your Self Assessment.*

The event will take place from 1-2 pm, and you’ll receive a useful Self Assessment checklist after attending the webinar.

*There will be a tiny bit of promotion, of course, but only a small bit.

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