Connect with an Accountant and file your Self Assessment with confidence.

1-2-1 consultations with our Accountants give you confidence at every stage of your tax return. Sole traders and those with side income get a full HMRC Self Assessment review from a dedicated accountant who will then submit it on your behalf.

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How it works

1. Answer a few questions

Answer a few Self Assessment questions online. Finmo only asks you to answer questions relevant to your specific situation. All questions are written for maximum ease of understanding.

2. Tell us about your income & expenses

Our software helps you confidently categorise your transactions so your accountant knows your exact income and expenses.

3. Connect with a certified and licensed accountant

Match with the certified and licensed accountant best suited to prepare your return. 1-2-1 consultations with our Accountants give you confidence at every stage of your Self Assessment tax return.

4. File Self Assessment with confidence

Review and approve your Self Assessment and your Finmo Accountant will file with HMRC online. Stress free.

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Finmo is for…

…anyone who needs to file a Self Assessment Tax Return with confidence.

Sole Traders






First time tax filers

PAYE plus side income

Sort your Self Assessment online with Finmo. Quickly and easily connect with a real accountant stress free. Free to get started and then choose the plan that is right for you and your bank account, starting at £119 + VAT.

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I wanted to find someone who could help fill out my tax return to give me the confidence I needed to concentrate on my business. Finmo solved this problem for me.

Maria, Freelancer, London


This is my first time filing – which plan do you suggest?

Complete. As a first-timer, taxes can seem overwhelming. You may feel like you have a lot of questions, ranging from the seemingly simple to more complex queries. This is totally normal, which is why we designed our Complete package the way it is. It allows you to ask whichever questions you want, as often as you need to – so you’re never left fumbling in the dark over your taxes. Your Finmo Tax Expert is here to help.

Why would I choose Lite instead of Complete?

If you’ve ever felt like you’re paying your Accountant too much for the value they bring to the table, our Lite package could be for you. Typically, people choose this package if this is not their first time filing their taxes. It’s a great option for those who are looking for the peace of mind of having someone to check over their tax submission, but who don’t need as many in depth explanations. (go to pricing)

What if I’ve been using a different expense and income tracker?

No worries. If you wanted to import your data without using Finmo’s tracker, we can do that for you. Since this is something we have to do manually, we need to charge for our time, but it’s only £25 + VAT. 

What if I don’t want to use Finmo’s app and just want to send in my expense list?

No problem, same as the previous question – it’ll cost just £25 + VAT.

Why use Finmo?

Tax Return Confidence

Quickly and easily complete your tax questions online. We have handled all the complicated bits for you. Just follow the steps online and we do the rest.

Expert accountants

Don’t worry about getting something wrong or missing a claimable expense. Our accountants work with you to make sure you are paying as little tax as possible.

Pricing that suits you.

Choose the plan that is right for you and your bank account, starting at £119 + VAT. If you’re not sure which plan best suits your needs? Take our quiz.

Safe and Secure

Finmo uses bank level security and is FCA registered. We make sure your data is safe.

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